Services for Writers

Blue Pencil Consult provides writers with a variety of services to help them attain their writing and publishing goals. Expect knowledgeable and honest advice tailored to your skills and experience–whether the goal is to build your career as a writer, to simply make writing more of a priority in your life,  or to finish, polish and publish that book.

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Manuscript Evaluations

Manuscript evaluations are completed by a professional editor who evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, offering suggestions for how to improve your writing both in prose and plot.  A written evaluation of your work is followed up by a one-on-one phone call or video chat with your editor to discuss the manuscript, the evaluation, and your next steps. More info.

Manuscript Editing

Polish your book before self-publication or submission to agents and publishing houses. Blue Pencil Consult offers proofreading, line editing, and substantive editing. Send in a 500-word sample and we will provide you with a quote that includes costs for each type of editing and advice on what type of editing we feel your piece would benefit most from.

Writing Coaching

Published or not, are you looking to improve your writing skills and output? Get help with setting and achieving your personal writing goals, whether it’s to bring your book from the seed of an idea to a reality, or to bring your career from writing dabbler to published author. More info.

Publishing Consultations

Have a manuscript but are unsure of what to do next? Looking to pursue the traditional publishing route? Exploring self-publishing? A consultation can help you decide on and navigate the best path for your project. Get personalized guidance on how to approach agents and publishers with your book, how to develop your writing persona, or how to build a larger platform.

Self-Publishing Assistance

Whether you want to publish your book for a small audience of family and friends or for a wide audience, Blue Pencil Consult can guide you through the process of publishing your book (in both print and ebook form) from layout and design to print. You maintain full rights to your work, and no purchase of editorial services is required.

* BPC is not a self-publishing press. Our goal is to help you be your own publisher.

Author Promotion and Publicity

For authors with books (both self or traditionally published) who are looking for assistance in attracting more readers to their books, websites, and events. Blue Pencil Consult can assist in everything from planning a book launch to developing merchandise for your self and books.

Website and Social Media Development

For authors in need of assistance in setting up and managing their websites, blogs, and  social media presence. Blue Pencil Consult will help you develop a platform based on a strategy that works for your abilities and time.

Contract Negotiation

If you’ve landed a publishing deal but need help with the paperwork, BPC is available to consult and negotiate on your behalf. Fees are based on the advance negotiated, and all royalties thereafter are yours.


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